Red Horse Motoring Club CC Authorization Form

Card Holder Information

Credit Card Information

Membership: ($125 per month)

I Authorize Red Horse Motoring Club, LLC or Ludwick’s Motor Club, LLC to process a charge against my credit card in the amount of $125/Monthly , and a one time initial charge of $125.00 to begin my membership. I understand my Initial fee is non-refundable and that my membership dues are to be paid for a minimum of 6 months.


Vehicle Storage: ($300 per month)

For the payment of storage of my vehicle at The Red Horse Motoring Club at 132 E. Third Street, Pottstown, PA 19464, I also Authorize Red Horse Motoring Club, LLC to charge an additional monthly storage charge of $300/Month


Note: The Red Horse Motoring Club will keep a paper copy in a secure paper file containing this credit card information for future authorized billings pursuant to the Reserved Space Rental Agreement/Membership agreement.